Stupid News 05/04/16A man wrecks his $350,000 car in ten mins of getting it. A pizza box made of pizza!
Stupid News 04/28/16Man with a half beard and Noah's ark is getting rebuilt!
Stupid News 04/27/16A man stole $1,200 worth of THONGS! This guy punched another man because he looked like Shia LeBeaouf!
Stupid News 04/26/16Guy thought he was meeting the woman he had been talking to online but got this instead and the WORST shirt ever to be wearing when getting popped for a DUI!
Stupid News- 04/07/16Don't use a flamethrower to get rid of your weeds. Plus, Uber driver ends up in high speed chase after falling asleep in back of the car.
Stupid News 04/05/16Did a mother really buy a dancer for her son's 8th birthday? And these Frosted Flakes had more than icing on them!
Stupid News 03/31/16Careful who you unfriend it could land you in jail! Plus, how do you not know your wife is hanging on the back of your car?
Stupid News 03/30/16It's a case of NO...I mean just no! A naughty nurse and stripper gone wrong!
Stupid News 03/24/16Karma got this guy real good! Aliens...Ivan has Aliens!
Stupid News 03/21/16This man didn't think through his crime and that's why he got arrested and this girl's Spring Break landed her in jail!
Stupid News 03/18/16It wasn't a gun, it was a light saber and let's define a rap battle before things get out of hand.
Stupid News 03/16/16Woman arrested when crack pipe falls out after flashing the cops and brand new rap music with cats...that's right...cats!

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