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8 Bedroom Tips You Should Consider

These bedroom tips will make your romantic life a little less awkward and a little more accommodating!

HOT 95-7–12/13/2014

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The 6 Most Common Dating Mistakes

I’m not saying I’m a dating expert but I have failed enough in my life to know what NOT to do! So this list comes from my personal experience. There are a lot of things […]

HOT 95-7–12/13/2014

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5 Hottest Couples of 2014

Check out the hottest couples of 2014! It was a year to remember for romance!

HOT 95-7–12/13/2014

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Your Job Determines How You Work In Relationships

His/Her job can tell you everything you need to know about what type of relationship they are looking for.


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Who Should Pay For A Date?

A new study says that 76% of men feel guilty.


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Should You Love Your Husband More Than Your Kids?

I read a pretty interesting blog yesterday and I don’t have kids and I am not married but it got me thinking and I wanna know what you think….


HOT Show Podcast

HOT Show Podcast – 09/23/14

It’s the HOT Show Podcast! If you catch your man or woman cheating in your bed do you get a new one? Is there an age limit on facial/body piercings? Plus, Stupid News and the Courthouse all in one!


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Was This Woman Wrong?

Read the e-mail we got from a listener and then let us know if she was wrong or just doing something nice for herself…


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What Would You Do If You Were This Girl?

She has been with him 11 months and he won’t call her his girlfriend…leave…stay or side-chick…



HOT Show Podcast – 08/28/14

It’s the HOT Show Podcast! It’s Throwback Thursday! Is Sarah being selfish!? What are the most random Job interview questions you ever got asked? Plus, Stupid News and the Courthouse all in one!




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