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Is She After Him Or His Wallet?

Full the story all the way through and then decide. Is she after him, or his wallet?

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8 Ways Jealousy Is Good For Your Relationship

Jealousy sometimes gets a bad rap, but it may actually be good for something.



HOT Show Podcast – 07/11/14

It’s the HOT Show Podcast! Who did you move on to? Sarah has really upset someone, now her car got egged! PK and his wife take a relationship test. Plus, Stupid News and the Courthouse all in one!


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Should This Woman Be Worried? A List of Relationship Red Flags!

Is this a huge relationship red flag?



Is Taking A Break A Break-Up?

When someone says they wanna take a break does that mean a break up? Is the relationship over?


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This Is Just Wrong!

I have a friend going through a divorce and her soon-to-be ex is just wrong for this one!


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Are You Dating The One?

There is now a math equation to figure out if you are actually dating “the one”.


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How to Avoid Moving Too Fast

Are you afraid you’re moving too fast? You don’t want to seem desperate… Check out these tips that will help you keep a good pace!



HOT Show Podcast – 06/16/14

It’s the HOT Show Podcast!Jennifer Lopez Joins The HOT Show. World Cup Update. A mom is arrested for tattooing her 12-year-old. Plus, Stupid News and the Courthouse all in one!


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You Have To Hear These Calls Of Women Having Secret Affairs!

We talk a lot about cheaters being busted but rarely do we hear the “I got away with it” story…well here are Houston women who did!