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Ladies, What Does Your Man Do That Makes You Feel The Most Loved?

A new list came out this morning…see what they missed…I added a few ;)


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Would You Be Upset?

You just found out he cheated in his past relationship and you had no idea!


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Do Long Distance Relationships Work?

I got this e-mail from a listener…what is your advice for her. Did your long distance relationship work?


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Would You Quit Your Job To Meet A Man?

I have a friend who is quitting her job because she was told she’ll never meet a man doing what she is doing…


New York Ushers In New Year With Celebration In Times Square

Does What You Do For A Living Make You More Likely To Cheat…

See who topped the list here….


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Need A Boyfriend? Got $25? Problem Solved!

Get the details here…


New York Ushers In New Year With Celebration In Times Square

Will These 36 Questions Make You Fall In Love?

A psychologist brought two strangers together, asked them these 36 questions and six months later they were married….


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8 Bedroom Tips You Should Consider

These bedroom tips will make your romantic life a little less awkward and a little more accommodating!

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The 6 Most Common Dating Mistakes

I’m not saying I’m a dating expert but I have failed enough in my life to know what NOT to do! So this list comes from my personal experience. There are a lot of things […]

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