Study Says If You Are Friends With Your Ex You're A PsychopathDon't blame the messenger.
Sarah Felt Insulted This Woman Swears It Was A ComplimentThis woman doubled down on her statement, I'm still pissed, she said it was a compliment and I am taking it the wrong way...
If Your Significant Other Cheated Would You Wanna KnowIf there was no way you were going to find out would you wanna know?
Do You Do These Things In Front Of Your Significant Other...Good Idea? Bad Idea? Does it build intimacy or kill it?
Is This Guy Going To Leave His Wife?Read the full story here.
Would You Have Stayed With This Guy?I met a woman at the Rodeo and her dude said he was taking her on a romantic vacation...then asked her to pay half!!!!!
Do Open Relationships Really Work?It's Valentine's Day Week and in honor of that we are talking to everyone in all kinds of, Open Relationships.
How Soon Should You Say I Love You...How soon is too soon?
He Was Engaged And Never Told Her...One of my best friend's from high school had an awkward encounter when meeting her boyfriend's parents the first time...
Is This A Relationship Deal Breaker...They have been arguing for it the end? Read the entire message and leave your thoughts...
Ladies, What Does Your Man Do That Makes You Feel The Most Loved?A new list came out this morning...see what they missed...I added a few ;)
Would You Be Upset?You just found out he cheated in his past relationship and you had no idea!

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