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Do You Send Your Kid To Day Care Even Though You Have Summer’s Off?

If you are a teacher or work with kids is it ok to take a break from kids in the summer and take them to daycare even though you are off?


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How Do You Explain A Pet’s Death To Your Kids?

We got an e-mail from a mom this morning who needs our help…


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Do Kids Ruin Marriages?

Did having kids ruin your marriage? A new study says it can….


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Wanna Make Your Kids Successful Use This Show Tip!

Before you decide to think outside the box and give your kids a crazy name you may wanna take a look at this list and new study!


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Did Your Friend Suck After They Had Kids?

Are you the only one without kids? Did your friends who have kids changed dramatically after having their kids? This woman says her friends with kids suck!


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Most Embarrassing Things Your Kids Have Said In Public?

Kids have no filter! So we wanna know what are the funniest and most embarrassing things your kids have said in public! Join the conversation, here.


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[Video] Kids Making Tutorials On How To Get Their Teachers FIRED!

These kids are making tutorial videos on how to get their least favorite teacher fired! See the video here!


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Pepper Poll: What Do You Do When Your Child Has The Passion But Not The Talent?

If your child has the passion but not the talent do you encourage them or discourage them from doing something?


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Pepper Poll: Have You Lost A Friend Because You Didn’t Like Their Kids?

I have a friend who has started making excuses for not baby sitting her friend’s kids because she calls them a, quote, “terror”. I don’t know them but she says they misbehave. They have broken items in her house and their mom just says “Oh that’s what kids do. You should see my house.”


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HOT Show Podcast – 12/18/13

It’s the HOT Show Podcast! Crazy Christmas Traditions! How much do you spend on your kids? Plus, Stupid News and the Courthouse all in one!