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New Survey Says Single Houstonians Don’t Want Long-Term Relationships

If there’s one thing I have learned in my short time in Houston it’s that people love dating apps AND going out for drinks. I’m assuming it’s because of the massive amount of people in […]

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Breaking: Joan Rivers Hospitalized In Critical Condition

Twitter and Facebook have blown up with reports that Joan Rivers has been rushed into the ER after having complications during a throat surgery. She stopped breathing during the surgery and doctors have now begun […]

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Jennifer Lopez And Iggy Azalea Release Single “Booty” With Booty Picture (Photo & Audio)

Two of the biggest backsides in the game have put their butts together. Literally. Jennifer Lopez has a new track called “Booty” and Iggy Azalea is featured on it so what better way to promote […]

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Dad Films Daughter’s Selfie Session (Video)

I’ve been sitting at a stoplight before…looked in my mirror and noticed in the car behind me a teenager taking tons of selfies while mom tries to figure out which way to turn next. I […]

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New Queen Of Worst First Pitches Ever (Video)

Move over Miss Texas, you’ve been pardoned by another lovely young woman from Houston. If you remember, Miss Texas, Monique Evans, lit up the Internet with her Ballerina Pitch but this woman has taken the cake. […]

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90’s Hit TV Show Prepares For Reunion Show

Surely you remember Danny Tanner, D.J., Stephanie, Michelle, Joey & Uncle Jesse….well they’re all down for a reunion! The talks about Full House returning have reached a roar and it seems like the show could […]

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Reason #232 – Not To Lie To Your Girlfriend

You know how quickly women can turn something small into something big…but apparently, this guy forgot that lesson. A 32 year old man in Britain wanted to go to a party all night at his […]

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The Healthiest Food On The Planet Can Fit On Your Fingertip

It’s hard to believe that something so small and so tiny could be so incredibly healthy to have in your diet! Sometimes, you can’t even notice that you’re eating it because it’s so tiny. Chia […]

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New Nail Polish To Protect Women From Date Rape

For many college students into the party scene there are many dangers that accompany their desire to get “turned up” and party their brains out. Surely, many voluntarily indulge is drugs and alcohol but there […]

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Uncle Jesse Posts Shirtless Selfie (Photo)

Okay, so you probably remember him as Uncle Jesse from Full House…..John Stamos took to his Instagram account to show off his shirtless body and now there has been a renewed interest in the uncle […]

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