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HOT Show Podcast – Mon 02/16/15

It’s The HOT Show Podcast ft Celeb News, Valentine’s Day Recaps, 50 Shades of Grey Reviews, Courthouse & More!



How Big Of A B Are You? There’s A Quiz For That!

Take it here…share your results. See who is the biggest B on the HOT Show.


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HOT Show Podcast – 03/07/14

It’s the HOT Show Podcast! Can you pass this Science Test? Did you go on Spring Break in High School? What can’t you get into that everyone else loves? Plus, Stupid News and the Courthouse all in one!


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Help The HOT Show Win $2,500 For The Andrew Pepper Foundation! Takes 10 Seconds!

Take ten seconds out of your day and help out the Andrew Pepper Foundation in getting a $2,500 donation and check out the amazing video PK did!


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Who Will Keep Their Resolutions The Longest?

Who on The HOT Show do you think will keep their resolutions the longest?


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Hot Show Top Moments in 2013

We put together a list of some of our favorite moments from the show this year.


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What Happened To the Homecoming Queen?

A new survey came out asking people what happened to the hottest person from you high school? Where are they now? Plus, check out the HOT Show in High School.


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HOT Show Halloween Costume Ideas Needed!

Halloween is right around the corner and we need your ideas for costumes…submit your selections here!


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Make Our Road Trip Playlists!

We are all headed out of town for the weekend and we are making road trip playlists!


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Who Will Be The Best At Crossfit?

The HOT Show is headed out to try crossfit today. We had the conversation last week about the new exercise craze so we decided to head out and try it ourselves. Who do you think will be the best?