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8 Bedroom Tips You Should Consider

These bedroom tips will make your romantic life a little less awkward and a little more accommodating!

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The 6 Most Common Dating Mistakes

I’m not saying I’m a dating expert but I have failed enough in my life to know what NOT to do! So this list comes from my personal experience. There are a lot of things […]

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Is There Something Wrong Here?

If you haven’t had a relationship before you are 30 is there something wrong?


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10 Signs The Woman You’re Dating Is Crazy

Sometimes we can all use a little guideline. Chances are you already thought she was crazy, here is your checklist!

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Would You Let Your 17-Year-Old Date A 24-Year-Old?

Kylie Jenner is dating a 24-year-old…if she was your daughter, what would you do?


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Who Should Pay For A Date?

A new study says that 76% of men feel guilty.


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6 Signs That She’s Cheating

If you’re being cheated on..chances are there are some signs! These are some of the clues to be on the look out for!

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7 Types Of Single Women

There are many types of single women in the world, here are 7 different types!

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Ladies, Do You Have One Of These?

50% of women admit to this…


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8 Reasons You May Still Be Single

There are a lot of reasons you may be single…here are 8 of them!

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