Can You Go On a Date Without BoozeHonestly.
Is It Ok To Lie To Your Wife If You Had Your Kid's Best Interest At Heart?He said he did it for their son. She says a lie is a lie!
Do you Have A Curfew When You're In A Relationship?Lucio's baby-mama dropped the hammer! Was she out of line or was he?
He Wants To Ban Her Family From The WeddingThis is the story of Joe from Sugarland. He loves her but hates the family.
Did You Find Out Your Man/Woman/Husband/Wife Had a Secret FamilyThese Houston women were blindside to find out their men/boyfriends/husbands had secret lives and families.
Are There Levels To Cheating?This is the message we got on you agree or disagree?
Do You Do These Things In Front Of Your Significant Other...Good Idea? Bad Idea? Does it build intimacy or kill it?
Would You Move For Love?You have only been together for 6-7 months but you are head over heels in you go? Do you ask her to come with you?
Would You Let Your 16-Year-Old Date A 24-Year-Old?Did you have a huge age gap? How did it go?
Do Open Relationships Really Work?It's Valentine's Day Week and in honor of that we are talking to everyone in all kinds of, Open Relationships.
This Father's Method Of Date Intimidating Is Terrifying And Inspiring!Dad's here some pointers for when she starts dating...
Is It A Big Deal If The Guy You're Dating Did Time In Jail?Read her full story and then vote on if it would bother you...

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