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10 Things Single People Are SO Tired Of Hearing

I get it… you found your soul mate. Now would you PLEASE stop rubbing it in my face.


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Is She After Him Or His Wallet?

Full the story all the way through and then decide. Is she after him, or his wallet?


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Should This Woman Be Worried? A List of Relationship Red Flags!

Is this a huge relationship red flag?



Is Taking A Break A Break-Up?

When someone says they wanna take a break does that mean a break up? Is the relationship over?


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Are You Dating The One?

There is now a math equation to figure out if you are actually dating “the one”.


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The Dating Rule… How Long Till It’s Really Official?

Here’s a question for the guys and girls. We bet that every answer will be different according to gender…


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Do You Tell Your Significant Other When You Get Hit On?

When you get hit on do you tell your man or woman about it? Do you do it every time?


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What Would You Do?

We got an e-mail from a woman this morning who is tired of being her man’s secret! What should she do?


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A Man’s Words To His Ex-Wife…Do You Feel Bad For Him?

Read his advice for you here!


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HOT Show Podcast – 03/13/14

It’s the HOT Show Podcast! What have you never done? Would you cut off a friend if you hated who they dated? Throwback Thursday is here! Plus, Stupid News and the Courthouse all in one!