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New Couple Alert

Drake’s got a new woman!


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This Woman Says Having Side-Piece Makes Her A Better Wife

I read this headline and I had to take a minute to read the whole article…


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Would You Be Upset?

You just found out he cheated in his past relationship and you had no idea!


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Would You Quit Your Job To Meet A Man?

I have a friend who is quitting her job because she was told she’ll never meet a man doing what she is doing…


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Top Places For A First Date…

What do you think of this list?


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Do You Tell Your Ex When You Start Dating Someone New?

Do you wanna tell them before they find out on social media?


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HOT Show Podcast – Mon 01/26/15

It’s The HOT Show Podcast ft Celeb News, Craigslist Missed Connections, Fifth Harmony Interview, Stupid News, Courthouse & More!


New York Ushers In New Year With Celebration In Times Square

Will These 36 Questions Make You Fall In Love?

A psychologist brought two strangers together, asked them these 36 questions and six months later they were married….


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The 6 Hardest Women To Date

Some women are harder to date than others. Click here to see the ones who make it the most difficult!

HOT 95-7–01/06/2015

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8 Bedroom Tips You Should Consider

These bedroom tips will make your romantic life a little less awkward and a little more accommodating!

HOT 95-7–12/13/2014