Are You Still Single…Maybe It’s You?

See how Sarah Pepper did on the test…is she just too difficult to date?


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What Would You Do If You Were This Girl?

She has been with him 11 months and he won’t call her his girlfriend…leave…stay or side-chick…


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Reason #232 – Not To Lie To Your Girlfriend

You know how quickly women can turn something small into something big…but apparently, this guy forgot that lesson. A 32 year old man in Britain wanted to go to a party all night at his […]

HOT 95-7–08/27/2014

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How Long Into A Relationship Do You Borrow Money?

You won’t believe how long they have been dating and how much he is asking for…


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Would You Tell Your Friend They Could Do Better?

If you have a friend who is dating someone way below their standards would you say something?


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Finding Puppy Love On Tinder

These pups are hoping to swipe their way right into your heart.



HOT Show Podcast – 08/06/14

It’s the HOT Show Podcast! How long did an ex hold on to a relationship? What the shortest amount of time you had a job? What’s the girliest thing your man does? Plus, Stupid News and the Courthouse all in one!


(CBS Houston)

How Long Has An Ex Held On To The Realtionship?!

Ivan got a text from an ex and they broke up 3 1/2 years ago…How long has an ex held on to the relationship?


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Is She A Golddigger Or Just Hungry?

We got this e-mail this am…what do you think?




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