Carmen Contreras

Courtesy Stance

Rihanna Announces ‘Anti World’ Tour

Rumors are swirling and we might even have an album on Friday!


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Sexy Boom Boom Room Socks!

Let Bad Girl Ri Ri step your sexy sock game up this holiday season


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[Video] A Guy’s Love For Patti Labelle Pie Goes Viral (NSFW)

The tasty experience led to him singing out of pure joy!


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The Kid Is Not Yours

Do you still help?


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A New Va-Jae-Jae

Is #LatinaGirl Carmen getting her Jewel fixed up?


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BooHoo On This Candy Article

#LatinaGirl is not happy about this candy news


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#LatinaGirl Gives Kim Kardashian Some Birthday Advice!

Happy Birthday KimK and eat up some cake!


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What Would You Do?

You’re at the store and it’s not your kid. What do you do in this situation?


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Target Blasted Porn Audio Throughout Store

Seriously disgusting!

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