Stupid News - 5/25/16Woman smuggling a meth burrito was arrested. A man arrested after he crashed his getaway car, a golf cart.
Stupid News - Mon 05/23/16Man shoots his hotel door cause he is locked out!
Stupid News - 05/20/16A naked man is found in a chimney, his excuse is priceless and so is his photo!
Stupid News 05/18/16Guy was making counterfeit money in his parent's basement just to go to the strip club! See his mugshot!
Stupid News 05/17/16This guy tried to rob a woman with an empty bag of chips!
Stupid News 05/17/16Surveillance video of a woman stealing bud light between her thighs!
Stupid News - 05/12/16Proof you can't believe everything you see on reality TV. A man got mother's day WRONG, really wrong! The mom ends up in jail!
Stupid News - 05/11/16The worst place ever to be hungover and get sick.
Stupid News 05/10/16A man shot himself and didn't even know it! This woman got a little too friendly with another passenger on a plane.
Stupid News 05/04/16A man wrecks his $350,000 car in ten mins of getting it. A pizza box made of pizza!
Stupid News 05/02/16Taking cocaine here good idea, but to ask them to test it's purity, bad idea and don't pull your gun when your wings are wrong!
Stupid News 04/27/16A man stole $1,200 worth of THONGS! This guy punched another man because he looked like Shia LeBeaouf!

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