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Stupid News – 05/22/15

Nothing like a nice feel good story to get your day going. Like this debt collection agency that sued a lady for a $1,000 she didn’t actually owe. She countersued. Won… $83 MILLION DOLLARS! They are now appealing that […]


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Stupid News – 05/21/15

KFC STRAIGHT FIRE this week my friends. First, as I reported yesterday, they just announced that they are bringing back Colonel Sanders and he will be played by Darrell Hammond! Today this fool went on […]


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Stupid News – 05/20/15

Last week, McDonald’s made stupid news after bring back (and ruining if I may add) one of the best mascots in the history of the game. I’m talking about the Hamburglar… which looks like the […]


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Stupid News – 05/19/15

This morning, let’s start off with a stupid news fun fact! Apparently, going straight up Godzilla and driving your truck through your own LIVING ROOM? Not a crime. This guy did just that after getting […]


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Stupid News – 05/18/15

We do it every single morning at 7:08. All these stories are true. All these stories are stupid. That is why we call it…STUPID NEWS!