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Stupid News 8.31.15

From PK: My stupid news story today, inspired by the VMA’s last night and is…… Macklemore’s lyrics to downtown. Macklemore “Downtown” lyrics [Macklemore] Salesman like “What up, what’s your budget?” And I’m like “Honestly, I […]


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Stupid News 8.28.15

From PK: Before I go into my story, a quick reminder that marijuana is legal in the state of Washington. OK. Let’s do this. I am starting a new segment for my stupid news stories: “Girls I’d love […]


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Stupid News 8.27.15

From Ivan: Chump CITY USA friends. A man has been arrested for filling a false report after calling 911 on a home invasion. Only problem? The person invading his home? The girl he met on […]


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Stupid News 8.26.15

From PK: Ok, no way this dude: 1. Wasn’t doing this to screw with the news. 2. Isn’t an actor/comedian. Either way, on the off chance that this is legit, I give you pure comedic […]


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Stupid News 8.25.15

From PK: This morning I have celebrity stupid news! Fetty Wap to be more precise. TMZ reporting the “Trap Queen” rapper, who is blind in one eye, tried to stage dive and ended up injuring […]