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Stupid News 6.25.15

Todays lesson of the day? If your in Labor, DON’T ride to the hospital on the back of your husbands motorbike. It happened in China and two issues: 1.  She gave birth on it. 2.  The baby […]


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Stupid News 6.24.15

Lesson of the day? Don’t rob your Facebook friends… they’ll probably know who you are. It’s what happened in Florida. The lady recognized this idiot, forwarded his profile to the cops. He has been arrested. […]


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Stupid News 6.23.15

Sometimes ladies, beauty is pain. I don’t have to tell you that. And just like anything in life, there are those who are true go getters. The ones that go the extra mile. Like this […]


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Stupid News 6.22.15

Let’s kick thing off this morning with a story out of China. That’s where a lady is making news after buying 100 dogs and saving them from a meat festival in the southern Chinese city of Yulin. WTF CHINA?!!! […]


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Stupid News 6.19.15

Today we start off with a little hottie in Georgia that was just busted at a Walmart after shoving 131 pairs of UNDERWEAR into her purse, grocery bags, and pockets. She’s facing one felony theft […]