Can You Match The 90’s Catchphrase With The Show?

Eonline put together a list of the best 90’s catchphrases and the shows they correspond with.

Here’s the list. I put the catchphrases at the top and the answers at the bottom.

  1. “D’oh!”


  1. “How you doin’?”


  1. “Have mercy!”


  1. “Excellent”


  1. “The truth is out there”
  1. “How rude!”
  1. “You got it, dude”


  1. “Yadda, yadda, yadda”


  1. “Schwing!”



  1. “Don’t have a cow, man!”


  1. “Whoa!”


  1. “Did I do that?”


  1. “We’re not worthy”


  1. “Oh my God, they killed Kenny!”


  1. “Eat my shorts!”


  1. “It stinks!”


  1. The grunt “Uuueegghh”


  1. “Serenity now!”

19. “Oh, Mylanta”

  1. “Cut. It. Out.”


  1. “Make it so”


  1. “Isn’t that special”


  1. “I’m the baby, gotta love me”


  1. “Resistance is futile”


  1. “Is that your final answer?”
  1. “Hello, Newman”



1.  Homer on “The Simpsons”

2. Joey on “Friends”

3.  Jesse on “Full House”

4. Mr. Burns on “The Simpsons”

5.  the slogan from “The X-Files”

6. Stephanie on “Full House”

7.  Michelle on “Full House”

8. from “Seinfeld”

9.  the “Wayne’s World” sketch on “Saturday Night Live”


10. Bart on “The Simpsons”

11.  Joey on “Blossom”

12. Steve Urkel on “Family Matters”

13. “Wayne’s World”

14. from “South Park”

15. Bart on “The Simpsons”

16.  “The Critic”

17.  Tim on “Home Improvement”

18. George’s dad Frank on “Seinfeld”

19.  “Full House”

20. Joey on “Full House”

21.  “Star Trek: The Next Generation”

22. “Church Lady” sketch on “SNL”

23. Baby Sinclair on “Dinosaurs”

24.  “Star Trek: The Next Generation”

25. Regis on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”

26.  Jerry on “Seinfeld”


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