Ivan Was Accused Of Theft

Buenos dias it's Ivan

Have you ever been accused of theft? Ivan was stopped for allegedly shoplifting yesterday!

For the record I’ve never stolen anything. Okay, that’s a lie. When I was in kindergarten I stole a kid’s toy HOT Wheels car. But my grandma caught me when I got home from school and made me return it. I also got the chancla real good as a punishment. But I learned my lesson and I’m proud to say that I’ve never done it again.

I didn’t have a theft problem again until yesterday when I went to my favorite comic book store. I was in there for over an hour because I was waiting for my girlfriend to take her lunch break. I admit that I touched a bunch of stuff and asked a lot of questions.  Then I left without buying anything.

On my way out I was asked by the clerk to stop and empty out my pockets. But they didn’t find anything. I only had my keys and my phone in my pockets. That’s when the clerk got super embarrassed and apologized over and over.

But I’m still bitter about it! I don’t appreciate being accused of theft. My girl says that I should get over it because they made a mistake and apologized for it. Would you still be mad or would let things go and understand that it was a simple misunderstanding?

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