Why Did The City Of Houston Show Up At Sarah Pepper’s House Yesterday?!

First off I had no idea that when someone had a complaint they called the City. Am I the only one that didn’t know that. Or has enough of a life they don’t have to worry about that? You have a concern about safety or you’re worried, call all you want! I have called 911 and 311 but NEVER in all my life have I ever called about someone’s lawn!

I cut my lawn 1 or 2 times a week! Even the city worker that showed up was shocked when she looked at my lawn. She asked if it was always this short and I said it was actually longer than I liked because I hadn’t cut it because there wasn’t rain and I didn’t want to cut it too short and it die or get burned.

I never knew this was even a thing but they have unleashed my inner Clark Griswald. I kept it down for the Holiday season because I was keeping it down but if we are going to complain about lawns then it is on!


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