Do You Shower Like Other People

1.   Do you stand or sit in the shower?

I’m not going to lie sometimes I do sit in the shower. If I have had a long day or a bad day. I sit.


79% of people stand

6% shower sitting down.



2.  Do you face away from the shower head or look toward it?

I do both. Again, if it has been a long day I love having the water hit my back.


68% face away from the shower head

32% stand toward it.



3.  How hot do you like your shower?

My shower is HOT…SUPER HOT!


55% make the water as hot as possible

45% keep it warm but not hot.



4. How often do you wash your hair?


31% wash their hair with shampoo every day.

54% do it a few times a week 1

12% do it once a week or less

1% NEVER do.



5.  Hair first or body? 


81% of people always wash their hair first, then their body.



6.  Do you always use conditioner?


76% always use conditioner after they shampoo.

8% never use it.



7.  Do you potty in the shower? 

72% of people say they pee in the shower.

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