8 Passive Aggressive Things Women do when they’re mad

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!” When I was young, naive and innocent I had no idea what that meant, but now at 29, it all makes sense! LOL

You can be the most talkative woman in the world, but if a boyfriend, spouse, etc.. pisses you off, you generally shut down. You indirectly let them feel your wrath. You become the queen of passive aggression!

According to a Huffington Post survey, these were the Top 8 passive aggressive things women did to their significant other while angry:

1.  Nodding yes to everything he says with a nasty half-smile.

2.  Ordering take-out food for yourself and pretending you didn’t think he’d want it too.

3.  Getting ahead a few episodes on the show you were binge watching together.

4.  Responding to every question with a question.  Like, if he says, “What’s for dinner?” you respond, “I don’t know, what IS for dinner?”

5.  Hogging the entire comforter.

6.  Slamming doors.

7.  Responding to questions with a tone that’s TOO polite.

8.  Walking around naked but refusing to have sex.



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