Kim Kardashian Was Bound And Gagged During The Robbery

More details are coming out  about what happened to Kim Kardashian in that apartment. Here is what we know right now. Reports are coming in that she was bound and gagged when she we robbed. Kim is back in Manhattan.

There were five guys involved in the robbert and they tied up the concierge. The apartment complex is super secure too because it is called “No Address Hotel” and Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio and Prince have all stayed there because it is a secret-apartment style hotel.

Kim had her hands zip-tied and duct-taped and they grabbed her ankles. TMZ is reporting that she told police she was only wearing a robe so she thought something much worse was going to happen. They put duct-tape on her feet and put her in the tub.  Then they stole $11 million worth of jewelry including the $4.5 million dollar ring she had posted on Instagram.

She begged them  during the entire ordeal saying she has children back at home

It looks like from everything I read they were there for the ring. They didn’t speak English but kept saying “ring…ring”.


So where was her body guard?

He was keeping an eye on Kourtney and Kendall who were out clubbing and she thought because she was heading home she didn’t need someone watching over her.

There was another person there and she locked herself in the room downstairs and texted the body guard and Kourtney. Kim freed herself and the body guards showed up 2 mins after the thieves left.

This whole ordeal only took about six minutes.

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