Are You Required To Help Family Out When They Need Help

So my girlfriend and I were talking yesterday and she started telling me that I help
her sister out a lot and that’s when she told me, “I bet you didn’t know that when you
started dating me that you would also be getting a wife.” My girlfriends sister is
single and any time she needs help or needs something she calls me and I go over to
help out. My girlfriend and her mom seem to think that her sister and I or more of a
couple then Toni and I. She started giving me examples, like one day she was walking
her dog and he picked up a chicken bone and she couldn’t get out of his mouth, so she
called me and asked me to come help her, so I drove over to get the chicken bone out
of his mouth. Or the time she hit a concrete barrier and pulled off the bumper of her
car. She called me to come help her fix it. Of course I don’t mind helping out family!
To me this is nothing, I don’t see it as a big deal. This is what family is supposed to do, help each other out. Like yesterday she called me again and asked me if I could walk her dog and take a package to the post office for her because she was working late. My girlfriend says that I do more things for her sister than I do for her. Is this something that she should be worried about.

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