CoCo Dominguez Sits Next To Kim Kardashian at Kanye’s Show

CoCo Dominguez

I had never been to a Kanye West concert until last night. The Saint Pablo Tour was in Houston at the Toyota Center. The energy in that place was unlike no other. Kanye has a different type of audience which includes a wide range of super loyal followers, the ones who live and breathe Kanye are almost cults-like. The floating stage was genius. It almost came across as a spaceship that had just came from outer space the way it maneuvered through the Toyota Center. Shouts out to everyone who sat on the floor/pit! You guys made Houston proud, it was so LIT! I wasn’t sure which Kanye we were getting because we know he has a tendency to rant at times, about things that some are not always interested in hearing about lol his entrance was smooth, his exit was smooth and he played so many songs from his latest, to his newest, to his greatest.

So now to the good part, I somehow I ended up sitting by Kim Kardashian! I know, super amazing right?!?! When she first arrived I saw a commotion but I instantly thought it was people arguing about their seats so I turned back around because I have no time for that lol after a while it was still going on, as they got situated that is when I saw her. She was very pretty wearing all white. I knew she was kinda short but she seems much more so in person, people say that about me too. When people started figuring out who she was they would stop and trying take pictures like the rest of us lol I was trying not to be a creeper and let her enjoy herself but I had to get a few for documentation- ha! There were a couple of teenagers who completely lost it when they found out it was her and started screaming like their dog just died. Kim and her crew, (I saw Mannie Fresh there) had several rows to themselves and plenty of security surrounding her. She did manage to take one selfie as she was getting up to leave. I tried to get in on it but it was on the other side of the bar so I tried to get another but she did not stop the second time, but I touched her. 😂 Thi show goes on my top 10 for sure! Check out some vids & pics!


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