What Exactly Are Cotton Candy Grapes?

CoCo Dominguez

If you haven’t tried Cotton Candy grapes, you have no idea what your missing. I ran across Cotton Candy grapes by accident as I was doing some shopping at Sam’s Wholesale and decided on a huge pack of what appeared to be ordinary green grapes. As I continued to shop, hungry, I started to grab a few grapes here & there from my package (they sell by pack not pound so I was stealing lol) and I noticed that these grapes were much more sweeter than any grape I’ve ever tasted. I looked at the plastic packaging and noticed they were “Cotton Candy” grapes. I was like what the…!

I like my fruit natural so I immediately thought, these grapes have been altered and there’s probably something artificial in them. However, they were so good, I didn’t care lol. I decided to do a little research. Come to find out, they are nothing injected into them. As a matter of fact, to the farmers that are responsible for this delicious taste, Jack Pandol and Jim Beagle, says it all happened by accident.

CBS Reports:

“When we first tried it, we would ship grapes to a retailer and their sales would skyrocket. And we’d sort of look at each other and go, ‘What just happened?'” said Beagle.

What happened was they teamed up with a fruit geneticist, David Cain. The grapes are not genetically modified. Instead, Cain’s lab cross-pollinates different species by hand.

“It’s like going fishing or something — you never know what you’re going to get,” Cain said.

Millions of cross-pollinations lead to tens of thousands of viable plants. But only a few produce truly great grapes.

“We get people asking if we inject cotton candy flavor into every berry, or if we spread cotton candy over the soil and the roots pick it up. It’s none of that,” Beagle said.

People who like these cotton candy grapes, don’t just like them, they LOVE them. Word is they’re only patented between August and September so I suggest you hurry down to your local market and indulge in this sweetness.

Check out the full story here.

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