Mom Wants To Home School Her Child Because She Is Scared

We got a message on Facebook from a mom who said she was out shopping with her husband and her two kids this weekend and mentioned to her husband that she was thinking of homeschooling the kids this year because she is scared for them and everything bad that is happening.

He was NOT ok with it and said you can’t protect your kids from everything.

Here’s the message.


I know you spend a lot of time in the schools and I wanted to get your thoughts on this. I was thinking of homeschooling my kids this year because I am just a worrier like you. I feel like instead of worrying all day I can teach them at home. My husband hates the idea. He said I can’t shelter them forever and that going to school is a great way for them to make friends and socialize and keeping them at home will just teach them fear. What do you think?

From a mom in Mo City.


Here’s what I think. Do I understand fears of not being with your kids every day. Absolutely! But as someone who spends most of my weeks during the school year, in schools, I can tell you there is no better place for them to be. I get your fears. I am not downplaying them but you can’t watch your kids your whole life and you have to start slowly letting them go. Slowly letting them learn to be their own person. I can’t imagine how hard that is. Hopefully I will have a better understanding when I have children of my own, but let them go to school. Let them be with their teachers who will love and watch over them. Then let them come home and tell you all about it.


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