Terann Hilow “Astros Girl” Joined Sarah Pepper and Ivan In The Studio

Sarah Pepper

This is the photo that made Terann a viral sensation and dubbed her “Astros Girl”.

Terann was nice enough to come in the studio this morning because we need to have a serious talk Houston. She was at the game on Friday, with her family, and things people were saying to her are inexcusable! You don’t say to someone “put some clothes on”. She was there with her parents! She made that shirt herself and to be honest, I don’t see anything wrong with a grown woman wearing it!

She said she tried to avoid what people are saying online but broke down and said “it sad because I was bullied in high school and intermediate school” and there is so much more “going on in this world” and I was just there “celebrating being there with my family…and you don’t get to do that often”.

You have mean stuff to say, keep it to yourself!

So what is your advice for those who still see bullying at this stage in their life. The mean tweets I get and the stuff I hear people say about me, I don’t care. I know you’re a sad human being that only has negative to say because you don’t have any positive in your life and Terann echoes that. “If you feel like you’re not good enough, you have to work on that. You have to stop listening to what other people say…you have to stay strong.” When you look back you can say “I made it”.

If you wanna hear our entire interview. Here it is.




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