Wanna Make More Money? Quit Your Job!

Sarah Pepper
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Photo Credit/Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Photo Credit/Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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I always thought staying in the same job and making your way up the chain was the best way to make good money…I was wrong!  This study actually says if you are going to make more money, you have to leave and how often you have to leave your job!

This comes from Forbes so you know it is legit!

A new study they did found that when you stay at the same job you make 50% over the course of your lifetime than the people who switch jobs every two years.


When you stay at a job the raises you are going to get barely keep up with inflation. When you switch, you get more money. Which means you are going to get bigger bumps and jumps in your salary.

So if you have been debating or staying at your job it looks like it actually pays to leave!

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