6 Tips For Not Being A Complete Mess At An Open Bar

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There are two words can can guarantee a party. “Open Bar”. People seem to go into this type of party with a “bring it on” mentality. Although it’s quite a celebration, drinking whatever you want, as much as you want without having to pay… things can get really bad, really quick.

Cosmopolitan Magazine has put together a list of tips that will definitely help you enjoy and remember your open bar party without going over the edge!

6 Tips for Not Being a Mess at an Open Bar
1. Tip early and the bartender will often serve you faster all night.
2. Order easy drinks, bartenders hate complicated orders.
3. Get drinks for your friends. “Oh how thoughtful, you got me drinks for free”
4. Consider the budget. Have some consideration for your hosts before you order an 18 years old scotch.
5. Chill out. It’s crowded, everyone wants free booze but still……no need to be aggressive at the bar. Relax!
6. Pace yourself! “Calling earrrrrl” will probably not get you invited back and it’s not a good look anyway.

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