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Are Leashes For Kids A Bad Idea?

Sarah Pepper
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Photo Credit/WILL OLIVER/Getty Images

Photo Credit/WILL OLIVER/Getty Images

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I was out at the rodeo this weekend on Saturday morning and there were A LOT of people. We took my friend Elizabeth’s nieces and her mom told us that they like to run off so hold on to their hands tightly. I thought, how fast can a five-year-old be…apparently fast! I held tight to that hand but noticed a lot of kids out there on the leashes.

I was never a big fan of the leashes until I was in charge of a kid. I was so scared she would run off that I would have loved to have a leash. I guess looking at them they aren’t the most fashionable and on the surface you could think it was lazy but I gotta say, I wouldn’t have minded it.

I am only talking about at busy place not the grocery store!

What do you think?

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