Is There A Bar Or Standards That Are Set For Valentine’s Day

Sarah Pepper
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(Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/Getty Images)

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When it comes to Valentine’s Day is there a “bar” that is set each year? If you get him or her something expensive one year do you have to meet or exceed that the next year? Isn’t more about thought than dollars?

Let’s just say you get her a Coach purse then the next year do you have to do that same OR can you get something less expensive? Will she be disappointed. Ladies, would you go? Guys, do you feel there are ridiculous expectations placed on you and that she has become accustomed to something and then be disappointed.

I am not a materialistic type of person or into purses and such but if I was, I don’t think I would be let down. I have been fortunate to be able to spoil people I date but have found a whole new side of them when I don’t go all out. I am perfectly content having a sweet dinner not a 200 bill. That’s just me. Other people are different. I am not saying come at me with a no thought gift and a card just signed with your name. For me it is about the thought than the dollar amount.

1. A few dates in. Nice chocolates , a shaving set or a card

2. Dating but not exclusive:  A concert or sports tickets.  A personalized gift basket filled with their favorite things or a sleek messenger bag.

3. Long-term relationship. Perfume or cologne.  A tech gadget or fancy lingerie.

4. Married. Jewelry  a nice watch or a vacation for just the two of you.


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