Top Resolutions of 2014 And How To Stick To Them!

Sarah Pepper

According to a new study these are the Top Ten Resolutions for 2014!

Now that we are on the sixth day of the year most people are either on their way to working toward their New Year’s Resolutions, thrown in the towel or didn’t make a resolution at all.

I am NOT a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions I like to set goals so for me this year is about conquering fears. I wanna learn to fly to conquer my fear of flying, my fear of snakes…apparently my fear of committment cause I move all the time.  So, that’s my plan.

However, if resolutions are yours….here are the top picks based on a study by Red Bull.

1.  Losing weight.

2.  Improving your health.

3.  Traveling more.

4.  Asking for a raise.

5.  Going on more dates.

6.  Proposing or getting married.

7.  Learning an instrument.

8.  Going skydiving.

9.  Learning how to surf or snowboard.

10.  Climbing a mountain. to some time and put together a full list of ideas that may actually work to keep your resolutions. Here five of them…full list and details here.

1.  Subscribe to a fruit delivery service. Because you wont’ want to waste it and it is convenient to come to your house, you will eat healthier.

2.  Set up your bank account so that someone you trust can WITHDRAW money if you go off your diet. If you have to pay for your consequences, literally, you are more likely to stick to things!

3.  To make sure you save money, start an automatic deposit from your checking account into your savings at regular intervals.  This is an easy  fix and just talk to your Bank or HR Director and they should be able to set it up for you.

4.  Instead of forcing yourself to go to the gym, set up recurring workout appointments with friends.  You’ll be a LOT less likely to bail on them. You won’t want to let your friends down and working out with someone is more fun that working out by yourself

5.  Get a dog. They say:  once you make the commitment, you’ll be taking walks every day for a decade. However, I caution you on this. MAKE SURE YOU WANT  A DOG because if you think you are too busy, you may be and then the one the suffers is the dog!

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