Pitbull Shares Tips On Being ‘Sexy’!

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Rapper, performer Pitbull wants men to know that if sexiness can be in the reach of each and every man!

The “Don’t Stop The Party” performer recently shared his tips on how men can cultivate sexiness! Born Armando Christian Pérez, the entertainer made the list of “People’s Sexiest Men Alive”, and provided encouragement to his fellow male counterparts. Pérez told the publication that there is no need for men to look famous or like a movie star in order to attract women: “I think being sexy is about more than just looks,” he says. “In fact, I think you can be sexy without being good-looking,” the rapper told People.com.

So what are Pitbull’s tips for men on how to be sexy? Click here to get all of the tips!

According to Pitbull, his tips encompass traits such as being honest, sincere and genuine to the ladies: “A real man is a gentleman,” as stated in People Magazine by the rapper. “You open her door. You let her order first. It’s a good way of showing that you care about making her happy. That’s sexy.”

The rapper who is busy promoting his newest album “Global Warming Meltdown” shared “pearls of wisdom” on his Twitter page (The man is a fountain of wisdom and encouragement!)

So What do you think of the offerings Pitbull shared on how men can be sexy ? Sound off, you sexy man you! #Grrrrrrr!

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