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Daylight Saving Time Ends: Is ‘Falling Back’ A Good Thing?

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This weekend many of us will set our clocks back an hour as we prepare to settle in for autumn and winter. Despite decreased sunshine in our days, lots of folks look forward to the extra hour of sleep the “falling back” of Daylight Saving Time brings.

According to CBS Minnesota, although many of us look forward to that extra hour of sleep, the change may affect our habits and health: “Doctors recommend modifying your schedule about a week before the change so you’re ready when it comes. So this weekend, set your clocks an hour behind and try to ease into the new sleep pattern,’ stated the CBS Minnesota website.

So set the clocks back, rest and enjoy all that the (extra) time offers! Click here to read more and click here to learn morefun facts about DST! ( A special “shout out” to Benjamin Franklin who first conceived Daylight Saving Time in 1784, during his stay in Paris. #visionary #ThankYouBen!)

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