Stupid News – 10/21/13

Sarah Pepper
Photo Credit PK

Photo Credit PK

Stupid News 10/21/13

Now here is a diet I can get behind. A man in Arizona is doing an Oktoberfest diet, for the entire month of October. The diet includes nothing but SAUSAGE and BEER for the entire month of October.  His intake, around 2,100 calories and he hopes to loose around 14 POUNDS. BTW- this is his third year jumping on the diet.

Interesting fun fact time. Scientist say it takes all mammals the same amount of time to PEE. And that time is… 21 seconds. Larger animals with larger bladders go faster because they have larger urethras. Humans are the only exception, because we can regulate our flow. Still no cure for cancer.

A man arrested in NY with crystallized blue rocks is now suing. The Blue rocks, not a new kind of meth but… JOLLY RANCHERS.

Walmart is facing some backlash after firing an employee that stopped a man from beating up a woman in the parking lot. They said they don’t want their employees getting in situations where they could be hurt. I guess they are not too concerned about the costumers as much. After mass OUTRAGED, they have offered the guy his job back.

The Dallas Cowboys were named America’s most popular NFL team.  Experts credit the team’s popularity with nobody paying attention to anything they’ve done since 1995.

A cafeteria worker accused of stealing $27 bucks from a coworker’s purse stripped down topless to prove her innocence. One problem… the cops spotted the money… in her shoe.

If you’ve ever wondered how many people have DIED in your house . . . and you have $12 to waste . . . a website called can help.

Your biggest idiot of the day… a man leading a Boy Scout troop who decided to knock down a rock formation that’s stood for 20 MILLION YEARS. Genius boy thought it would be a good idea to film the entire thing and post it on YouTube. Now he is looking at FELONY CHARGES. Ohh… and one more problem. You see, a few weeks back, he filed a LAWSUIT over a CAR ACCIDENT that supposedly left him DISABLED. His claim, quote, “endured great pain, suffering, disability, impairment, [and] loss of life.”  So, yeah, doesn’t look like he is going to win that case…

According to a SHOCKING new study, people who think housework counts as exercise tend to be out of shape.

And today we end with a new dating App. It’s called “Carrot Dating.” The concept- You BRIBE women to go out with you. Anything from a tank of gas to plastic surgery.  

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