Who Is Wrong?

Sarah Pepper
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Sarah and Ivan

Photo Credit/Sarah Pepper/KKHH

When you go to a concert and you are talking the entire time is it wrong for someone to tell you to be quiet?

We got into this debate this morning because Ivan said he was at a concert and a guy told him to stop talking and Ivan got mad.

I said I would have been mad too especially if I paid for the tickets and you were talking through the show. I don’t mind screaming, I don’t mind yelling or even standing up and I am short. However,  if I spend good money on something and someone is carrying on an entire conversation behind me and I can’t enjoy the show that I paid good money for. Then yes, I will get upset.

If we are at Free Press or ACL and you’re talking go for it ;) It is a festival but at a regular show I came to hear the music and not you and if you wanna talk do it before or after :)

That is just me though. Ivan thinks you can talk at a rock concert if you want and if you don’t like him talking, he said, quote, “move”.


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