Sarah Pepper Has Been Named A Marathon Ambassador!

Sarah Pepper
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This is my third year with the Marathon and I couldn’t be more excited! I have started my training and I am going to be keeping this online blog so if you are a first time runner or even a veteran we can exchange notes and ideas for training.

I have learned over the years that supplementing running a couple of days a week can be good to break down the monotony of the running! I also add cycling to my routine too!

I start out with a short run on Mondays and build up to Saturday. I know most people save their long run to Saturdays but that doesn’t always work out for me so I like to tier off my running.

Last night I did three miles so tonight I will do four. Tomorrow four and then Thursday I will do five. I wanna be up to six miles once a week by  next week. On the days that I cycle I try to add in some weights too.

The most important thing I have learned is that DIET is a huge part of everything. For breakfast I have egg whites and half a slice of chicken apple sausage and half an apple. I bring a snack because I get here at 4:30 so I am hungry again by ten o’clock so I have to have a snack. Normally it is a gluten free wrap and some turkey and I add in some feta.

I am going to be posting on my training and running and diet to help out other runners and I am open to suggestions too :) I normally run Memorial…what are the other trails that I need to try?

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