Why Having A Six-Letter Name Costs You Almost $4,000

Sarah Pepper
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(Photo Credit Marc Debman/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit Marc Debman/Getty Images)

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There is a career website called The Ladders that worked to find the connection between what your name is and what salary you make. They analyzed the names, job, and salaries of six million people!

If you have a five-letter name you are MONEY! Literally…MONEY!  However, for every letter over five, your salary drops by about $3,600. It evens out about 9 letters…that means means that 9-letter names make $14,400 less than 5-letter names.

So, if you have an appropriate, five-letter nickname…may wanna start using it!

Stephen…go to Steve. William…go to Bill and so forth.

I know Bill is four-letters and not five but better to be four than seven because 4-letter names only make slightly less that 5-letter names.

Here’s a twist that hits hard for me. The name  Sarah with an “h” at the end makes less on average than Sara without the “h.”

HIGHEST-PAID NAMES for men and women

The five highest paid names for women are Lynn, Melissa, Cathy, Dana, and Christine.

And the five female names most likely to be CEO are Christine, Denise, Cindy, Shannon, and Sarah.

The five highest paid names for MEN are Tom, Rob, Dale, Doug, and Wayne.

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