Hey Kanye West, Where Did Your Tweets Go?

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(Photo Credit: Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

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The next chapter of “Drama With Kanye West” has been written and it comes in the form of deleted content. One glance of the hip hop superstar’s Twitter page and one will only find a tweet…just a tweet…yep,  just one.

For some reason (and we have really been on the hunt as to why), West has tweeted a cryptic message to his “boo” Kim Kardashian, or to his fans. But the message was sent to all of his followers:

As the journalism masses attempt to figure out what is behind the deletion of previous tweets, speculation swirls as to the significance of the tweet. Is it the date that his baby will be born? (You did know that Kim Kardashian is the mother of his child, right? OK.) Is it the date that he will drop new music? Will he enter politics on that date? Will he receive a degree from an institution on that date? What in the world is happening on “June Eighteen”?

With the millions of followers he has, he only has one person that he follows, his “boo”, Kim Kardashian.

So we will wait with bated breath as to what West will offer as he continues to create suspense and shenanigans at the same time. June 18th… we await your arrival.

OK… so what is happening on June 18th? Speculate with us as you enjoy related video below:

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