Celebrities Who Were Once Bullied

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(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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Being bullied is not a fun rite of passage as a child, pre-teen or teenager. It can be intimidating, and gives those that are bullied feelings of depression, hopelessness and despair.

Did you know that several folks that are now famous were not able to escape the clutch of bullies!? From Miley Cyrus, to Eva Mendes, Howard Stern, Chris Rock and many more, the celebrities we look up to now were once individuals who were laughed at, beaten and teased. If you know of someone who is being bullied or you are enduring bullying at your school or within another place, please seek help.

Carmen – Your Latina Girl –  Contreras admits to being bullied in school and shared her story on air.

Take a listen:

Tell a trusted adult such as a parent, guardian or teacher so that the bullying can stop. No one deserves to be bullied for any reason. No one has the right to harm another individual under any circumstances.

There are many prevention centers that can help you in your quest to get assistance with bullying. For example, the Beat Bullying website is a great resource for assistance. The National Runaway Safe Line also provides assistance for those who are victimized by others. No matter where you get help, the important factor is that you do. You are not alone and deserve a life free from bullying!

Click here to view famous folks who were once victims of bullying and watch related video below that can assist you in getting the help you need and more importantly deserve:

Cicely C. Mitchell, HOT 95.7/ Houston

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