What Your Profile Pic Says About You

Sarah Pepper
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(Photo Credit: Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images)

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Take a look at your Facebook or Twitter and your profile picture.  Based upon what you have as your picture, there are things that that photograph says about you!

Check out the list below and learn more about yourself through your social media picture!

#1.)  The extreme close-up.

This picture sends a message that this one feature is the best you can do, and everything else will be downhill from there.

#2.)  The three-quarter turn.

Means you’re probably a narcissistic D-bag.

pk profile

(credit: Sarah Pepper)


#3.)  The hot friend. 

Two reasons for this: 1: to distract you from all the things about them that are not hot and2: to brainwash you into thinking they are hot, just by association.

sarah profile

(credit: Sarah Pepper)


#4.)  The no-show.

Means you are either on a  personal crusade to convince the world that looks don’t matter.  Or worst of all . . . they might actually be obsessed with cats.

#5.)  The intentionally ugly face. 

Hot people do this to prove even at the ugliest they are hotter than you.

#6.) The Celeb Photo.

This means this is as good as your life gets and you are trying to fool your “friends” into thinking you know someone famous when in reality you may actually know 2 of your friends on Facebook. Also, probably means you are single.

ivan profile

(credit: Sarah Pepper)


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