Stupid News – 11/20/12

Sarah Pepper
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Every morning at 7:05 we bring you all the news that is stupid. It is stupid. It is news. That is why we call it Stupid News.

spacer Stupid News   11/20/12

In Wisconsin over the weekend a Turkey took out the power for 1,500 people when it flew into a power line. Yes, turkeys can fly.

If you are addicted to foods, see if that food is on our top ten list: Ice cream is the most addictive followed by candy, French fries, chocolate, cookies, potato chips, cake, pasta, donuts, and bread.

If you are going to get your lady a present don’t get her crotchless underwear, leather or pleather, edible underwear and fishnets. Seriously?! Is this really a problem?!

A man in Missouri passed away, his cause of death, the Kansas City Chief. His obituary said, quote,”heartbreaking disappointment caused by the Kansas City Chiefs football team.”

Where do you shop? According to a new survey 38 million do it on the toilet!

spacer Stupid News   11/20/12
spacer Stupid News   11/20/12
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