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Is Rihanna Trying To Get Pregnant On Purpose?

Sarah Pepper
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Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

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The latest word in entertainment is that Rihanna and Chris Brown‘s ex are both trying to get pregnant with Chris Brown’s baby. Rihanna wants to because she loves Chris and his ex because she wants his money. So my question to you is this one: do you know someone who got pregnant on purpose?

I was actually surprised at how many people called in this morning because they got pregnant on purpose for MONEY or because they wanted to ensure their man stayed. I had heard of such happening but I was still surprised at how OFTEN getting pregnant on purpose actually happens.

Then I was floored when we got a text at 43952 from a woman who said her ex got her pregnant on purpose. Yeah, I said HE GOT HER PREGNANT on purpose. I never heard it being the other way around.

The one constant in almost all of the stories is that almost every time it doesn’t end up working out. So having a kid to save a relationship…probably not a good idea.
So sound off… Do you know of anyone who has gotten pregnant on purpose?

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