What Should This Mom Do?

Sarah Pepper
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Photo Credit Sarah Pepper/KKHH

Photo Credit Sarah Pepper/KKHH

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We got an e-mail from a mother who is very upset over the clothes her daughter came home with after tax free weekend. Moms, what would you do?

My daughter is starting junior high this year and her best friend and her went shopping over the weekend for tax free weekend. I am a nurse so I worked this weekend so her best friend’s mom took her which was great but the clothes she came home with were NOT. They were way to “mature” for my daughter and if I had been there, I never would have let her buy them. What do I do? Do I call the mom? I trusted her to make the right decision. I had to spend my day off Sunday taking the clothes back and now my daughter is mad at me because I am not “cool” like her friend’s mom. What do I do? Other mom’s don’t let their daughter’s wear short shorts, tank tops and t’s that say hottie on them to Junior High do they?

What should the mom do?

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