Jersey Shore’s Deena Says They Don’t Need Snooki

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Photo By: Jason Kempin/ Getty Images

Photo By: Jason Kempin/ Getty Images

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I don’t know if Deena meant this as a diss on her fellow meatball, Snooki, but it kind of comes across that way! With Snooks confirming her pregnancy, the fate of Jersey Shore Season 6 has been up in the air. Deena addressed the issue on the Today Show this morning saying, “The show doesn’t revolve around Snooki, it’s all of us. I don’t see why we couldn’t film without her.”

I get her point, but I also get the point that the last couple seasons especially, have focussed on Snooki. I don’t think it’s on purpose, it just seems she has been the most interesting one whether it be her relationship drama, drunken antics, or fights with The Situation.

Sure the Jersey Shore COULD go on without her, but would it really be nearly as entertaining? I can get my Pauly D fill with his new spinoff show, and anyone else just hasn’t been all that entertaining to me!

Deena did add that Snooki could still make a cameo on the show. She says, “She could come down and we could throw her a little baby shower before the little meatball pops out.”

Do you think Jersey Shore would be as good without Snooki? Would you still watch it?

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