Would You Miss Your Oldest Daughter’s Quince For The Texans Game?

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Houston Texans vs Cincinnati Bengals

Yesterday a man wanted to give up his honeymoon fund to go to the game. Today, a man wants to know if he can miss his oldest daughter’s quince for the game.

Jose wrote in saying he and his wife had spent $12,000 on their daughter’s quince but he has been a fan of the Texans since the Oilers and really wants to go to the game. Now, I know the game is Sunday and the quince is Saturday but he would be driving and would have to leave on Friday.

Can he miss this? You know I (Sarah) am the biggest Texans fan ever and I would go to the game no matter what except if it came to my family. It is your daughter, your first daughter and this is the biggest day ever for them! You can’t miss that.

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