1st Annual Break-Up With Your Ex Day

couple pic1 1st Annual Break Up With Your Ex Day

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Most of us have an ex that we still hold on to…well today it is time to let them go! Here is a list of ways to break-up with your ex today!

Here are five ways to let them go:

1. Start with the viral stuff…delete them on Twitter and Facebook or any other site you have them on. If you can’t see what they are doing all the time eventually you will quit caring.

2. Untage them on photos…QUIT looking at them.

3. If you’re like me song remind you of the ones you dated…so delete them from your playlist so you don’t relive it over and over again.

4. Block them on chat…that way you won’t be tempted to engage in conversation.

5. To avoid the drunk-dial..delete them from your phone.

  • Jennifer

    My Ex dump me for another woman over the text on Dec 27th when we had making the plan to spend time together for a NYE. I’m still not over him, still email and text him once awhile but he continue ignore me completely. This is the 5th times he dumped me in almost 2 yrs of our relationship. In the future if he ever want me back I’ not so sure if I should go through this pain and sorrow again… but without him in my life, it seem like everything is in black and white, no more joy and happiness.

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